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Low Iron Glass Is Becoming More And More Prevalent
- Dec 22, 2017 -

 The use of Low Iron glass in architecture and design is becoming more and more prevalent,because it is widely applied in many fields and has the following feature:


- High light transmittance for true color and outstanding visual clarity when an unrestricted view is required.
- Purity of color with minimum color cast when viewing through the glass, ensuring a true low iron glass6.jpgrepresentation of the designer’s vision.
- Improves aesthetics of laminated glass and provides less greenish color of the glass edges.
- High solar heat transmittance providing passive solar gain to allow more heat through, which can save costs on energy bills during the winter.
- Can be toughened or laminated for safety and security.
- Can be painted or silk-screened for spandrel or decorative applications.
- Can be combined with other products from the Pilkington range to provide additional benefits such as thermal insulation or self-cleaning. 
- Available in thicknesses between 3.2 mm and 15 mm, the widest range on the market.


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