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Ceramic Frit Glass
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Ceramic frit is digitally jetted onto the surface of the glass then baked into the glass during the tempering process resulting in durable, decorative and functional glass. Direct-to-glass printing offers significant benefits over traditional silk-screen printing and printed interlayers. 


Extremely durable – Ceramic frit is fused into the glass creating permanent design, images are UV, fade, and scratch-resistant, suitable for any interior or exterior application

Digital files – No screens, setup, or storage fees, variable data/unique panel sizes and shapes are easily incorporated into the design, files are saved and can easily be reprinted at any time

High resolution printing – Suitable for producing fine lines, typography, and complex images, as well as reproducing photographs, artwork adaptation, and material imitation

Precision processing and printing – Images can be printed one-on-top of the other, creating different views on each side of the glass, single images can be tiled across entire facades and walls, with accurate alignment between panes

Simplified installation – Panels of multi-pane projects are printed with tiny tags to reduce the risk of installing out of order or in the wrong direction


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