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Silver Mirror

  • Custom Decorative Mirror

    Custom Decorative Mirror

    1) Made of good quality float glass 2) Double coated, waterproof Italian Fenzi paint 3) Exact image, high reflectivityRead More

  • Antique Mirror Splashback

    Antique Mirror Splashback

    Our antique mirror splashback creats a very attractive feature in house decoration: in kitchen, in bathroom, in living room, in hotel, etc. For the splashback near a heat source we provide toughened antique mirror which is safe and remains the elegant looking.Read More

  • Floor Mirror

    Floor Mirror

    Our floor mirror is designed to coordinate with customer's elegant decoration, with a protective lacquer for moisture resistance.Read More

  • Antique Tiled Mirror

    Antique Tiled Mirror

    Antique tiled mirror, with a bright silver mirror in the center and the antique mirror tiles added around the silver mirror, provides a more elegant view to the interior decoration.Read More

  • Frameless Decorative Mirror

    Frameless Decorative Mirror

    Mirror is an intergral part of people's daily lives, but mirrors are more widely use in such modern world, reasonable layout and use can change your room space also can add a diffirent kind of fun to home life.Read More

  • Wall Mirror

    Wall Mirror

    Our Wall mirror is a good choice for high quality interior decoration. With good reflection,water-proof and corrosion-resistant function, our wall mirror will provide a durable usage to make the house brighter and more elegant.Read More

  • Bathroom Mirror

    Bathroom Mirror

    Our bathroom mirror, with function of water-proof, fog-free and long dural usage life, is welcomed in many countries. With good quality and reasonable price, our bathroom mirror is very competitive in the market.Read More

  • Anti-fog Mirror

    Anti-fog Mirror

    Anti-fog mirrors are electrothermal product specially developed for completely solving the problem of fogging of the bathroom mirror.Read More

  • LED Mirror

    LED Mirror

    Our premium LED mirrors offer natural-looking light and corrosion-resistant mirror glass, making them the ideal form-meets-function addition to any bathroom.Read More

  • Safety Mirror

    Safety Mirror

    Vinyl backed mirror, also called Safety mirror, is produced by applying a vinyl film on the back of mirror, in case the mirror is broken into pieces, vinyl film and broken pieces will conglutinate together without hurting people.Read More

  • Bevelled Silver Mirror

    Bevelled Silver Mirror

    Bevelled Mirror, with nick looking and good reflection, could be used as decoration for bedroom, bathroom or other construction purpose.Read More

  • Oval Mirror

    Oval Mirror

    Size tolerance: ±0.5mm,beveled edges :2-38mm,oval mirror with polished edge,Quality standard: Australian, AS/NZS ; CE ,EN12150,and USA, ANSI Z297-1-2009Read More

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