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Pink Reflective Glass

Pink reflective glass could provide a special outlooking for the buildings,windows or furnitures. The romantic feel of this color will help to make the building very showy and distinguishable among the modern tall buildings.

Product Details

Benefits of the reflective glass:

  • From an esthetic point of view, reflective glass gives buildings a distinguished and/or private look.

  • It helps reduce heat gain, thus reducing air conditioning costs and enhancingoccupants’ well-being.

  • It reduces ultraviolet radiation inside the building. Extremely versatile, this product can be utilized in commercial, residential and institutional projects.

  • The wide variety of reflective glass allows for a multitude of visual effects.

  • It can be combined with low-e glass to improve thermal resistance (R-value) and overall performance of the insulated unit. Virtually unlimited combinations allow to modify glass performance.

  • Reflective glass can be used in monolithic form as well as in double- or triple-glazed insulated glass units. It can also be sandblasted, silk-screened, shaped, laminated,bevelled and enamelled.

  • Indoors, it can be used for its esthetic appeal and to complement the furniture and decoration.

  • Its acoustic and mechanical performance is similar to that of standard glass of the same thickness and size.


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