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  • Tempered Glass Corner Shelves

    Tempered Glass Corner Shelves

    Product Description: tempered flat/round polished glass corner could be applied as decoration in forniture and also could be used in bathroom. Thickness: 3/8" thick or 10mm thick, customized thickness also available. Shape: sector, rectangle,curved shape etc edge...Read More

  • Glass Coaster

    Glass Coaster

    Our glass drinks coasters could be produced according to your personalized request, with tempered quality, it is safe and is a nice decoration to your household.Read More

  • Bevelled Silver Mirror

    Bevelled Silver Mirror

    Bevelled Mirror, with nick looking and good reflection, could be used as decoration for bedroom, bathroom or other construction purpose.Read More

  • Frosted Glass For Door And Window

    Frosted Glass For Door And Window

    thickness from 2mm to 19mm . size is not limited .Read More

  • Double Glazed Glass In Window & Door

    Double Glazed Glass In Window & Door

    Insulated Glass is the combination of two or more panes of glass sealed with air, or inert gas between the panes.  The construction of an insulated unit is designed to help control energy transfer from outside to inside or vice versa.Read More

  • 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm Grey Float Glass

    4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm Grey Float Glass

    Tinted float glass is colored transparent glass in which elements of Cobalt, lron and Selenium has been added to the ordinary float glass composition to provide properties of light absorption. Because tinted float glass absorbs nearly 40-60 % of total solar radiant energy, it...Read More

  • Oval Mirror

    Oval Mirror

    Size tolerance: ±0.5mm,beveled edges :2-38mm,oval mirror with polished edge,Quality standard: Australian, AS/NZS ; CE ,EN12150,and USA, ANSI Z297-1-2009Read More

  • Bathroom Decorative Clear Silver Mirror

    Bathroom Decorative Clear Silver Mirror

    Clear Silver Wall/ Framed/Dressing Mirror/Safety Mirror for Hotel Decoration.-Size tolerance: ±0.5mm --beveled edges :2-38mm -square mirror with polished edge -round mirror with polished edge - oval mirror with polished edge - Racetrack shapes mirror with polished...Read More

  • 10mm Toughened Glass Shelves

    10mm Toughened Glass Shelves

    Glass shelves can be customized to fit any space or wall. Customize office glass shelves by size, shape, hardware and tint. Glass shelves will refresh your office space and help you get more organized at the same timeRead More

  • Clear Tempered Glass Railing

    Clear Tempered Glass Railing

    the most used area in today’s home is the verandah. Glass balustrade,Glass Railing provides safety without compromising the view. Tempered Glass Railing, Tempered Glass Balustrade has a range of options to suit everybody’s needs and budget, from framed glass to semi-frameless...Read More

  • Copper Free Mirror

    Copper Free Mirror

    Copper-free or Lead-free Mirror is made with a super sensitized palladium chloride instead of traditional copper layer silver grain clusters is more fine, with double passivation , spraying double imported lead-free environment friendly corrosion resistant waterproof paint ,...Read More

  • 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm Backpainted Glass with Different Color

    3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm Backpainted Glass with Different Color

    Back Painted glass/Laqued Glass Painted Glass is produced by coating two layers water-resistant paints on the back of clear float glass/ultra clear float glass,which can offer various effect when used for decorating.Read More

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